A trusted platform for valued investments

Valued Trust Cooperative is an evolving organization of like minds passionate about creating wealth through entrepreneurship development, community initiatives, and peer-to-peer engagements.


A trusted platform for valued investments

We are a dynamic and innovative cooperative society dedicated to investing in entrepreneurship activities, with a special focus on the agriculture sector. We are driven by the belief that sustainable and inclusive economic growth can be achieved through empowering entrepreneurs and promoting agricultural development..


Your investment is secure and safe because you are part of the decision-making.


You are investing in ventures that add value to the community and offer reasonable ROI.


You are part of every process and decision, you can trust our professional experience to guide your investments.


247 updates on your investment progress and process.


What we invest in

The Agricultural sector contributes around 25% of Nigeria's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and accounts for 48% of the labour force. Through our investments, we commit to contributing to the economic development of the country while making profit.

Since our launch, we have invested in various farming activities like plantain, palm, melon and vegetables.We've also invested into poultry.


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